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You Need To Know Some Unique Terms In Crypto Assets

For those of you who are entering the world of crypto assets for the first time, you must have felt confused by various unique terms in the world of trading and it might seem confusing. Terms like HODL or Whale are often mentioned in the conversations of the crypto asset trading community. Not to mention when you hear the term Bull or Bear with an adorable illustration of a bear and bull-shaped signal. You might even be surprised. In dan hollings crypto, you will be left behind a lot because you don’t understand the terms explained Nick Sasaki.

As a newcomer, you’ll naturally want to know what the various jargons and terms that are often thrown around in the forums mean. Knowledge of terms in crypto assets will of course make it easier for you in the learning process.

Maybe you often hear this unique term in the trading world. Whale is a term for large traders who hold large amounts of coins, at least 5 percent of the total digital assets held. The term whale first came from the casino world, referring to casino players who had deep pockets.

This term is a misspelled form of wrecked. Rekt is a term usually used by gamers to describe players who lose and are completely crushed. The term rect is also often used for investors who have lost due to wrong decisions or have lost due to running out of capital due to a scam.

FUD is an abbreviation of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, or what is often used as a pun as Facts U Dislike. The term FUD is intended for a psychological tactic that plays with the negative emotions of humans, especially players in the crypto world to influence the market. Usually, FUD is used by investors who want to lower the price of a coin just so they can buy it cheaply.