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Parents Must Know These Tips To Use Baby Monitors With 2 Cameras Safely

Neonatologist at St Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, Luis C Marrero MD explains that a video baby monitor with 2 cameras will let you peek at your child without waking him or her. They can even help you become mentally close to your baby. But don’t forget, baby monitors can also be dangerous. Marrero added that because of the safety issues surrounding this tool being questioned by pediatricians to parents who use it. Marrero claims that baby monitor companies’ marketing goes directly to parents, so it’s important that we make sure they can use them properly. Furthermore, it’s also important to choose baby monitors with excellent quality to ensure safety, so you must see our recommend post top split screen baby monitor for twins.

Here are some tips for using a baby monitor to help keep your baby safe:

1. Place the monitor with 2 cameras outside the crib

Never place both of the cameras in or on the edge of the crib. This tool is not something a baby can touch or play with.

2. Make sure the baby is not strangled by the cable

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) children as young as six months can wrap the electric wire that is in this device around their neck. Therefore, when setting up a transmitter, place it at least three feet away from the baby.

3. Put the label on it

To help both you and the caregiver remind you that there is a baby monitor with a power cord, order a permanent warning label available from the manufacturer of the device. Then you and the baby sitters must learn how to use the label and the power cord safely.

4. Keep the 2 monitor cameras high and dry

Do not install the 2 monitor cameras in wet condition.

5. Protect your privacy

Video monitors linked-to websites, like many internet-connected devices, can be hacked. There have been reports of hackers talking to parents and babies through devices resembling monitors, or even being able to control cameras. You must choose the ones that can be protected with strong passwords.